Why Marc Faber Doubts, But Doesn’t Dismiss, Prechter’s DOW 1000 Prediction

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But – Dr. Doom does not dismiss Prechter’s call altogether (Details on Prechter’s latest predictions here).  CNBC reports on Faber’s outlook in his August 2010 Doom, Boom, Gloom Report newsletter: Marc Faber says before dismissing Prechter as a lunatic you should look at his record. In 1978 when he predicted the Dow would reach 2,300 […]

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Robert Prechter was Jim Puplava’s guest this week on the Financial Sense Newshour.  You can listen to the entire interview here – it’s almost an hour long, and it’s fantastic. Ed. Note: You can also read a full transcript of the interview here, courtesy of our friends at Elliott Wave International. Prechter last chatted with […]

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Robert Prechter: Gold isn’t the safe haven many think The euro’s recent loss has been the dollar’s gain, which means that it’s not the best time to buy the U.S. dollar. Meanwhile, the most popular alternative to currencies, gold, isn’t such a good buy either. Watch the excerpt from Robert Prechter’s May 20 interview with […]

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