1 Megatrend That Will Power Our Dividends for Decades (2 Tickers Below)

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Look, this deglobalization trend is hitting high gear—and if you miss your chance to tap it for surging dividend payouts, you will regret it down the road.

After all, it’s megatrends like this one that we contrarian income-seekers live for. Let the “basic” investors sweat headline-driven fears like rising rates and recessions. We’ll happily lock in our “megatrend” dividends and ride along for years, and even decades, as our payouts soar triple-digits!

Really, terms like “deglobalization,” “onshoring” and “friendshoring” are just fancy ways of talking about the flow of manufacturing jobs back to the US, or to US neighbors like Canada and Mexico, from basket cases like Xi’s China.… Read more

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No matter what Jay Powell says, interest rates are topping out here—and that’s put three “stealth” stocks (growing payouts double digits!) in perfect position to gap higher.

This trio are midcap stocks—which we love now because of, well, history: at times like this, midcaps, particularly midcap dividend growers, soar. This chart paints the picture:

Midcaps Counter Rate Moves

Here you can see that the Vanguard Mid-Cap ETF (VO), in purple, rose when the yield on the 10-year Treasury fell at the start of the pandemic. But look at the right side of the chart: as rates soared, midcaps slipped. That opens a buy window as Powell steps to the side and (eventually) cuts, flipping rates lower—and midcaps back up.… Read more

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“I did read that. I thought about you, B.O.”

While other people may be known for their hobbies, or their families, my publisher thought of me when a Vanguard fund re-opened!

I’ve yapped about the Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund (VDIGX) before. I rarely mention (let alone endorse!) mutual funds. But VDIGX is notable for two reasons:

  1. I plow 100% of my 401(K) contributions into this fund, and
  2. It’s a pretty good option as far as retirement plans go.

Why this fund? Because in my “Brett Inc.” company plan, I have a set list of Vanguard funds to choose from. This is “set and forget” money so my goal is to maximize long-term returns.… Read more

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