My Advice? Sell These 2 Dividend Funds in 2023

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There’s a disconnect setting up in the energy market that’s a flashing yellow light for investors—particularly if you’ve been playing high-flying oil stocks in 2022.

That would be the fact that oil stocks have become “unhooked” from the underlying oil price, as you can see below:

Oil Stocks Zig, Oil Prices Zag

The purple line is the United States Oil (USO) ETF, which tracks the price of light, sweet crude delivered to the distribution hub at Cushing, Oklahoma.

The orange line is the Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLE), a proxy for oil stocks, with big-cap names like ExxonMobil (XOM), Chevron (CSX) and Marathon Petroleum (MPC) among its holdings.… Read more

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Members of my CEF Insider service and I always look for big dividends we can collect for the long haul. I’m talking 8%+ payouts here, many of which come our way monthly. (This is possible with CEFs, and these funds’ discounts to net asset value, or NAV, give us some nice upside to go along with those payouts).

By thinking long term, we give our CEFs’ discounts the time they need to close, propelling their share prices higher. (There are exceptions to this, however, such as with covered-call CEFs, which do better when markets are volatile—we tend to swing in and out of these as volatility ebbs and flows.)… Read more

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We’re going to push aside overdone recession fears today, so I can show you one fund you can buy for triple-digit upside. And this unsung dividend play spins off a big income stream, too: a 10.6% yield.

It comes from a sector few people check for high yields: energy.

But this investor “blind spot” is why this 10.6% dividend opportunity exists. Read on and I’ll show you how to time your move (if you were to buy this fund or invest in energy generally).

First off, forget the jarring headlines you’ve seen about a corporate-earnings slowdown in the US. When you dive into the sector level, you see that the outlook is rosy in plenty of places, with energy leading the way, according to the analyst crowd.… Read more

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