1 Megatrend That Will Power Our Dividends for Decades (2 Tickers Below)

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Look, this deglobalization trend is hitting high gear—and if you miss your chance to tap it for surging dividend payouts, you will regret it down the road.

After all, it’s megatrends like this one that we contrarian income-seekers live for. Let the “basic” investors sweat headline-driven fears like rising rates and recessions. We’ll happily lock in our “megatrend” dividends and ride along for years, and even decades, as our payouts soar triple-digits!

Really, terms like “deglobalization,” “onshoring” and “friendshoring” are just fancy ways of talking about the flow of manufacturing jobs back to the US, or to US neighbors like Canada and Mexico, from basket cases like Xi’s China.… Read more

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China’s over-the-top COVID lockdowns are setting up a surprising “all-American” dividend opportunity for us contrarians.

The pushback, which President Xi (shockingly) didn’t see coming, has shuttered plants left and right. Last Monday alone, Honda, Yamaha and Volkswagen closed factories in China, as did Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi.

And Apple (AAPL) has likely lost out on six million high-margin iPhone 14 Pros as protests shut down a factory in Zhengzhou run by key supplier Foxconn. The stock responded instantly:

Apple: Still a Little Too Multinational for Wall Street

How, you may wonder, is all this bad news setting up a dividend opportunity for us?… Read more

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Today we’re going to “onshore” ourselves 2 unsung dividend payers that are pumping out cash: one has seen its cash flow surge 367% in just the last three years—feeding a quick “dividend double” for its shareholders.

Both of these payouts have plenty of room to grow from here, thanks to today’s biggest—and least discussed—megatrend.

I’ll share the tickers on these two stealth dividend plays in a second.

As for the megatrend, the hint was in the first line: most people haven’t noticed, but American multinationals are “onshoring”—or bringing manufacturing back to the USA—in droves. This shift will only accelerate in the years ahead, and will make folks who buy the right stocks now some very big profits (and dividends!)… Read more

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