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Who doesn’t like a safe, stable utility dividend? In today’s zero-rate, VIX-spiking world, it’s a throwback to simpler times—the “old school” type of dividend we’d like to accumulate sufficiently to retire on!

Heck, twenty years ago to this date, we could have bought shares in Southern Company (SO) and enjoyed a 6.5% yield. A $100,000 stake in Southern would have paid $6,500 every year in dividends.

Plus, regular raises were on the way. After a stagnant few years, Southern began hiking its payout every year. That 6.5% yield would eventually grow to a fat 12.4% yield on cost:

Southern’s 20-Year Yield Rise

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“How fast should I deploy my cash into your dividend stocks?”

It’s a common question from the new income investors that are always finding their way to us (welcome!) We publish a plethora of dividend analysis on our website And, for premium subscribers, we also issue specific buy, hold and sell recommendations for select stocks and funds.

So, where should a new reader (or, better yet, premium subscriber!) start? Let’s walk through some steps you can take to make the best use of our information as you build your dividend-powered retirement portfolio.

First, Pick Your Stocks

Stock picking is step one, and as discussed, we have no shortage of dividend coverage around here.… Read more

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