2 CEFs to Save You in Choppy Markets (With 7.9% Yields and Upside)

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Friday morning, I mentioned to my wife that it was time for us to log into her 401(k) and move it back into stocks.

“Funny,” she said. “On NPR they just mentioned that money managers are moving into cash.”

If that isn’t a contrarian confirmation that a short-term low may be in, I don’t know what is!

Aside from the scaredy cats running money, there is also a misinformation campaign floating around about closed-end funds (CEFs). Since these vehicles are a favorite source of 7%+ dividends for us, we’re going to bust apart these lame claims today.

Then we’re going to roll into two CEFs that are savvy buys now, as Jay Powell starts cleaning up the inflationary mess he made by leaving the switch on his money printer stuck in “high.”… Read more

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These are trying times, so let’s talk about how we’re going to protect our retirement (and our families’ futures) as market volatility increases.

The Ukraine crisis is, of course, first and foremost a humanitarian tragedy the world is racing to respond to, as it should. It’s also being felt well beyond the borders of Russia and Ukraine, with rising energy prices fueling inflation fears, which are, in turn, causing panic in global markets.

High, Monthly CEF Dividends Help Stabilize Our Portfolios

At times like these, closed-end funds (CEFs) are a good investment choice because their high dividends help us meet our income needs while volatility increases: as I write this, our CEF Insider portfolio is delivering an 8% yield, on average, and we’re getting a predictable income stream, too, with 16 of our 21 holdings paying us monthly.… Read more

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Rising inflation? We closed-end fund (CEF) investors aren’t panicking—we know we can flip rising prices into 7% dividends and 37%+ gains!

Our strategy is simple—pick up CEFs focused on one specific corner of the economy. In fact, if you’re holding a selection of our CEF Insider service’s picks, you’re probably doing this already!

Our Contrarian Income Play Explained

Let’s start with the latest inflation numbers. As measured by the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) index, inflation clocked in at 4.4% on a yearly basis in September, up from 4.2% in August. The story many see behind this is that supply constraints have cut the number of products on store shelves, causing prices to soar.… Read more

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Plenty of investors will tell you that the higher an investment’s dividend yield, the greater the risk you’ll suffer a big dividend cut, especially in a market downturn.

To that I have one response: these folks have never invested in closed-end funds (CEFs)!

The portfolio of our CEF Insider service is a case in point. It yields a healthy 6.6% on average—five times more than the income-starved S&P 500 crowd gets—and the payouts on our funds have held up beautifully throughout this crisis.

Like the Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Fund (ETG), which we bought in January 2020, when it yielded a handsome 6.7%.… Read more

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Is your nest egg way smaller than a million bucks? Do you worry you’ll never be able to retire?

I know: who doesn’t have this fear, right? Especially in today’s twitchy market.

Good news: you absolutely can leave the grind behind. And probably sooner than you think.

You can do it on far less than a million, too—just $490K (and maybe less than that, depending on your circumstances). The best part: you won’t have to sell a single stock in retirement.

Choose Your Own (Retirement) Adventure

Today I’m going to show you two routes to our $490K retirement: if you’re near (or already in) your golden years, you’ll want option 1: a collection of steady dividend payers yielding 7% and up.… Read more

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