This Is Where We’ll Find Winning Stocks (and Surging Dividends) in ’24

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Let’s cut to the chase on dividend investing in 2024: our strategy this year will be all about interest rates.

Sure, there are other trends out there, like AI. And yep, there’s some steak behind the sizzle.

But when it comes to grabbing fast-growing—and high-yielding—payouts at the right times, rate moves will rule the roost. That’s not much of a surprise, really, as stocks have hung on Jay Powell’s every utterance for the last couple years.

But here’s the twist: Powell won’t be the headline-grabber in ’24. Look for him to fade into the background, with the Fed likely to move rates lower, maybe by a percent or so.… Read more

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Thanks to two stock market pullbacks in 2020 and this current pause to begin 2021, equity prices are likely still “catching up” with their pre-2020 trajectories. Big tech is frothy but many lesser-known dividend growers are still cheap. And that’s music to my ears, because the surest, safest way for us to double our money in the stock market is to buy the payouts that are growing the fastest.

Specifically, I’ve got my eye on 8 that are boosting their dividends by 23% per year. Twenty-three percent!

Before I reveal the list, some caveats. First, past dividend growth does not guarantee future payout hikes.… Read more

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