Robert Prechter’s 2011 Outlook and Forecast (CNBC Video)

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Prechter on CNBC – “Not a bear among them” Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International and Don Luskin of Trend Macro share their opposing market views with CNBC host Larry Kudlow. (Note: Prechter’s interview starts about four minutes into the interview). Regular readers will know that I’m partial to Prechter’s arguments, particularly his points about overwhelmingly bullish sentiment […]

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But – Dr. Doom does not dismiss Prechter’s call altogether (Details on Prechter’s latest predictions here).  CNBC reports on Faber’s outlook in his August 2010 Doom, Boom, Gloom Report newsletter: Marc Faber says before dismissing Prechter as a lunatic you should look at his record. In 1978 when he predicted the Dow would reach 2,300 […]

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