2 Stocks That Profit From “Cold War 2.0” (Dividends Growing Fast)

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In just over a month, the script has flipped for us dividend investors: Russia’s war on Ukraine has cleaved the world into two teams: east vs. west.

Some pundits have dubbed it Cold War 2.0. But whatever you call it, I think you’ll agree that the risks in this new arrangement are higher for us: we’re likely looking at another pop in the inflation rate, for one, due to (seemingly) never-ending supply-chain issues.

So it follows that Fed Chair Jay Powell will probably hike interest rates further than he otherwise would have as he tries to fix those supply-chain problems by making borrowing more expensive (if you can follow the logic there, please let me know, because it beats me!).… Read more

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The 10-Year Treasury yield is holding at 2.85%, but another run to 3% is coming soon. Let’s use this breather to sell our weakest dividends and replace them with stocks that should actually head higher as rates rise.

You know the playbook by now. When the 10-Year yield rallies, it crushes stocks with pathetic yields or meager dividend growth. These “bond proxies” get dumped for the real thing as first-level investors scamper to the 3% yields on “safe” US government debt.

If your portfolio relies on laggards like these—I’m talking about penny-a-year hikers like AT&T (T) and Walmart (WMT), or stocks that haven’t hiked their payouts in years, like Wynn Resorts (WYNN)—I have two words for you:

Sell now!
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