This Stock’s “Hidden Yield” Pays 17% a Year (With 450% Payout Growth)

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Dividend stocks reward us with more than just cash flow. They actually benefit our retirement portfolios in four ways:

  • A high current yield—for meaningful cash flow today. In a moment we’ll spotlight a timely play with a neat 3.5% yield.
  • Dividend growth, which tends to pull a company’s share price higher (as we’ll see below with this stock, whose payout exploded 450% in the last decade).
  • Share buybacks, which cut the number of shares outstanding, boosting earnings per share and share prices in the process. And of course …
  • Price appreciation, as the stock moves up on strong results for the company, its industry or the economy as a whole.

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Even with the S&P 500 back on the rise, we still have a shot at serious upside. And we’ll double up our dividends in short order, too. We’ll do it by snagging some of the fastest-growing payouts on the planet.

That’s not all—we’ll also buffer our payouts against the next crash by stocking up on companies with “fortress” balance sheets, specifically firms whose cash holdings dwarf their debt. Dividend-payers like these—I’ve got four examples for you below—will (eventually) dole out their cash to us in three ways:

  • Investing in the business,through R&D spending and capital expenditures, fueling their earnings per share (EPS) and, by extension, their share prices.

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Dividends are the surest, safest building block of a comfortable retirement. And you needn’t just “settle” for retiring on dividends. You can even pick dividend stocks that’ll double your money or better, too.

All you need is a little quality.

What’s is “Quality”?

Quality isn’t some nebulous idea. It’s a “factor,” and it’s defined by a set of attributes or characteristics that the Wall Street “quants” are increasingly affectionate for.

Factor-based investing has become quite the rage in recent years. It’s a way to slice and dice the stock market by numbers. Yield, value, momentum, and other metrics are the ingredients.… Read more

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