3 “Inflation-Fighter” Dividends That Pay $958 a Month on Every $100K Invested

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There’s a glaring disconnect out there between the health of the economy (still strong) and the mood of investors (terrible). It’s opened a window for us to grab some solid closed-end funds (CEFs) throwing off yields of 8%+.

This is especially true if you’re investing for the long term, which, if you are investing for income like this, you should be.

We’re going to talk about three such high-income plays today (one of which offers an 11.5% payout that’s growing) and dive just a little deeper into why this opening exists for us.

Fast Growth + Worried Investors = Best Time to Buy CEFs

If you’re a bit nervous about investing right now, I get it.… Read more

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When markets are down, there’s one group of investors who can shrug off the dip because they don’t need to sell. You’re no doubt part of this group—I’m talking about income investors.

With dividends, of course, you can keep your cash flow going regardless of short-term panics over things like interest-rate hikes and geopolitical unrest. Because the cash keeps coming in, you don’t need to sell during these times and can instead use your dividends to keep your bills paid—or maybe even buy the dip in the markets, thereby building your income stream further.

But where can you get reliable income that won’t be hit by the Fed’s moves and other events that are mostly beyond our control?… Read more

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The yield on the 10-year Treasury has rallied near 3%. Yet there’s no way you and I are retiring off that pittance!

Hence the appeal of closed-end funds (CEFs), which regularly pay 7% or better. That’s the difference between a paltry income below $30,000 on a million buck nest egg or a respectable $70,000 annually.

And if you’re smart about your CEF purchases, you can even buy these funds at discounts and snare some price upside to boot!

With the markets in flux (to say the least), now is a good time to review the principles of successful CEF investing. They are more nuanced than classic stock picking because we’re analyzing managers, strategies and holdings versus simple businesses models.… Read more

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Most investors I speak to have no idea how much they’ll need to retire (and with the uncertainty we’re facing today, that’s totally understandable!).

So let’s talk about that—and focus on closed-end funds (CEF), totally overlooked investments that could let you retire on dividends alone, possibly on as little as $325K. That’s the ultimate way to get peace of mind these days, because you don’t have to worry about selling into a pullback to keep your income stream intact.

The Income Side

When calculating how much you’ll need to clock out of the workforce, you really only need to know three things:

  1. How much you’ll spend in your first year of retirement.

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Let’s test the common “wisdom” that a double-digit dividend is unsustainable. The closed-end fund (CEF) we’re going to discuss today turns that notion on its head!

I’m talking about the PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund (PDI), which, as it says in the name, is run by boutique CEF house PIMCO.

We all know that investors (and consumers in general) love a brand name, and that holds true with CEFs, too: due to the prestige associated with PIMCO’s moniker, its funds usually trade at huge premiums to net asset value (NAV).

Well, to be fair, it’s not just the company’s name that’s behind these premiums.… Read more

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A contrarian indicator just flashed, and it’s telling us that now is the time to buy one of my favorite high-yield investments: closed-end funds (CEFs). Today we’re going to look at three yielding an outsized 11.6%.

Yield hunters that we are, we know the power of such a payout: with a $520,000 investment, we can kickstart a $60,000-a-year income stream. That’s a cool $5,000 averaged out on a monthly basis. And the three funds we’re going to cover in a moment give us the safety of diversification, going well beyond stocks to give us access to bonds, gold (a decent inflation hedge on its own) and real estate (ditto!).… Read more

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I have no idea why “income” investors mess around with dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs). Most don’t yield enough to matter.

If the goal is to retire on dividends, why not “automatically” bag a 10%+ income stream and 100%+ upside?

Better yet, this outsized cash flow drops into your account—and grows—every single month!

It takes almost no work. (Just one small, but potent step, which I’ll show you shortly.)

Before we get to that, let’s look at just how easy it is to use this proven strategy to double—and even triple—the cash stream your portfolio is throwing off today.… Read more

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Today we’re going to take a look at an unusual closed-end fund (CEF) that hands us a rich 10.5% dividend that comes our way monthly (and grows!). And it sends regular special dividends our way, too.

When you add those “bonus” payouts in, this fund often pays life-changing yields of up to 15%!

The fund in question is the PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund (PDI), a dividend titan that should be on any closed-end fund (CEF) investor’s watch list. (In fact, if you’re a subscriber to Contrarian Income Report, a sister to my CEF Insider service, you already know PDI—it recently landed in the CIR portfolio through a merger we’ll discuss a little later.)… Read more

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Thinking of joining the “Great Resignation” crowd and dumping your 9-to-5 gig? Let’s talk about how you can do it with outsized 7%+ dividends that easily keep the bills paid.

I’m going to show you the powerful secret some of these “quitters” are using today. It all turns on a unique kind of asset called a closed-end fund (CEF) that’ll be our source for those rock-steady 7%+ dividends (paid monthly, to boot!).

More Investors Discover the Income-Producing Power of CEFs

First off, a funny thing is happening as people dump their day jobs: they’re investing more, with the number of new investors jumping 15% in 2020, and scores of folks who already invest building out their portfolios further.… Read more

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I get plenty of questions about specific closed-end funds from members of my CEF Insider service, which focuses on quick-moving smaller CEFs (here I mean those with sub-$1-billion market caps).

We love these CEF “small fry” because they hand us big dividends (7%+ yields are common in this corner of the CEF market) at a bargain, because these funds get little coverage from Wall Street and the mainstream media.

But when they do get “found,” their discounts disappear fast, catapulting us to some nice price gains to go along with our big payouts.

New 6.5%-Yielding PIMCO Fund: Buy, Hold or Sell?Read more

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