Exclusive Interview with Tech Guru Andy Kessler on the Future of Silicon Valley, and How You Should Invest

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On Friday I had the good fortune to interview Andy Kessler, of Silicon Valley and Wall Street fame, about his latest book, Grumby.  Andy is one of the sharpest minds around with regards to the intersection of technology and finance.  He’s an electrical engineer by training, and after starting his career at Bell Labs, he […]

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Famed market forecaster Robert Prechter has been, over the last 15 years, pioneering  research in a new field called Socionomics – a blending of “social mood” measurements, and economics.  Prechter’s thesis is that the social mood of society rises and falls intrinsically, in wave-like patterns. During waves up, people feel good about life, and they bid up […]

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On Friday I chatted with Jeremy Louder, the Founder of QuadWealth.  Jeremy and his team work with individuals and financial planners to educate them on “less understood” wealth management strategies – that is, rather than the stock/bond/mutual fund mantra we hear touted by mainstream financial planners, Jeremy’s group focuses on alternative strategies that are employed by […]

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