Jeremy Grantham: We Are 5 Years Into a Multi-Decade Food Crisis

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In his latest quarterly letter, GMO’s Jeremy Grantham has one-upped Jim Rogers in predicting how long this bull market in agriculture is going to last. “It now appears that we are also about five years into a chronic global food crisis that is unlikely to fade for many decades, at least until the global population has […]

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In his latest GMO Quarterly Newsletter, Jeremy Grantham (eloquently, as always) continued to channel his “inner Malthus” to deliver grave warnings on resource limitations that he anticipates humanity will face with increasing severity and urgency as the 21st century rolls on.  You may remember that Grantham’s Q1 newsletter focused on what he called a “paradigm […]

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Welcome aboard the commodity bull, Jeremy Grantham!  In his latest quarterly outlook letter, the acclaimed money manager (and excellent newsletter writer to boot) laid out a very convincing case for commodities.  You can read Grantham’s Q1 2011 letter here (for Part I) and here (for Part II). I found these points of his to be […]

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