Bill Gross on Deflation, Stocks, and Bob Prechter’s Debt Destruction

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Bond legend Bill Gross shared his latest outlook with CNN Money – and I was glad to see him weigh in on deflation in particular: What about the possibility of deflation occurring? We’re in a struggle between inflation and deflation right now. We may never get to a negative consumer price index, but the danger […]

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Earlier today, we pointed to a nice piece of analysis from fund manager John Hussman, who essentially told stock market bulls to “get a grip on reality”, because the S&P is 40% overvalued according to his calculations. To me, this is the crux of the entire bull/bear argument. Beyond technicals, or earnings, or anything – […]

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Robert Prechter: Gold isn’t the safe haven many think The euro’s recent loss has been the dollar’s gain, which means that it’s not the best time to buy the U.S. dollar. Meanwhile, the most popular alternative to currencies, gold, isn’t such a good buy either. Watch the excerpt from Robert Prechter’s May 20 interview with […]

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