This 7.1% Dividend Makes Your Nest Egg Last Forever

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Are you worried you’ll make the wrong call in this gyrating market? It’s a reasonable fear, with the Dow heading up 200 points one day and down 600 the next—and dark trade-war headlines piling up daily.

But sitting in cash is even more dangerous! Because your stuffed mattress is at the whim of inflation—and that slow cash drain leaves you at a real risk of outliving your money in retirement!

So today I’m going to share where my models see this market heading. Plus I’ll reveal one weird fund that sets you up for double-digit upside and a huge 7.1% dividend, too.… Read more

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If you’ve read the headlines about tech’s woeful slump in the past couple weeks, you might think stocks are out of favor.

You’d be wrong—and this chart proves it:

Forget the Headlines: Stocks Are Rolling

After February’s gut-wrenching plunge, the S&P 500 has more than recovered and is up 6.2% year to date. If this trend continues, we’re looking at a 12.4% return on the year.

But look at the orange line above—that’s the tech-benchmark Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ), which is up 13.2% year to date, even after this latest correction in tech. That adds up to a monstrous 26.4% return for 2018 if that trend continues.…
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By now you may have heard about the huge dividends and soaring price gains offered by closed-end funds (CEFs).

But here’s something that will probably surprise you: you can lock in even bigger—and safer—income streams (I’m talking 7%+ dividends), plus massive upside with smaller CEFs.

I know that sounds counterintuitive, and quite the opposite of what happens with stocks; small-cap companies rarely pay dividends and can collapse overnight.

Go Big the Small Way

The key is to go with small CEFs sporting portfolios backstopped by large cap stocks and whip-smart management teams, like the 3 funds (paying up to 10.1% in cash each) I’ll show you in a moment.…
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