While the S&P is down hard in 2022, this dividend darling is up 11%

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It’s not a particularly great environment for investing lately, that’s for sure. The market is churning amid unrest in Ukraine. The rate of inflation is the highest since 1982. And the Fed has signaled an interest rate hike is all but certain.

But you may be surprised to learn there are plenty of dividend stocks that aren’t just surviving right now, but thriving. This elite group of “hidden gems” is enjoying rising share prices even as they offer up dividends twice as big as their peers.

These aren’t the usual suspects, of course. Because in 2022, the old rules of investing simply don’t apply.… Read more

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If you’re waiting for a pullback to put money to work, look no further than small caps.

Early last week, the S&P stopped the bleeding on a harrowing multi-day 2.9% decline. By midweek, “big cap” investors had recouped more than half of their losses.

Was that it? My guess is yes, that was a wrap on the market’s mini-drama for another month or two.

Our intrepid Federal Reserve continues to print a whole lot of cash, which serves to backstop any pullback. The Fed is still buying $120 billion in bonds per month, which adds up to “real money” after a while—nearly $1.5 trillion annually!… Read more

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