2 “Recurring” Dividends That Shake Off a Crisis, Grow 88%+

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When a market storm hits, we dividend investors can protect our wealth and grab steady payouts when we buy stocks backed by strong recurring revenue.

It’s one of the oldest business models there is! Here’s how it works: customers pay for the services these companies provide every month, year or whatever, which gives them predictable—and ideally growing—profits.

What’s more, these payments are “sticky”: once buyers start making them, they’re quickly “out of sight, out of mind,” automatically pulling from their bank accounts (or dropping onto their credit cards) on the regular.

(I’ll show you two such firms in a moment, one of which is converting its recurring revenue into a recurring payout that soared 88% in just two  years.… Read more

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Today we’re going to discuss the secret to double-digit annual returns every year, forever, with secure dividend stocks.

It’s simple but not easy. Here’s the hint. We must seek out hefty recurring payouts from stocks with dependable recurring revenue!

It’s one of the oldest business models there is, and it’s hands-down the best setup for us dividend investors: customers pay every week, month, year or whatever, giving a company predictable—and ideally growing—profits.

They then send those profits our way as predictable—and growing—payouts! Plus, many of these firms buy back their own shares too. Which, in turn, makes each share we own more valuable on a “per share” basis.… Read more

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