The Safest Bond Fund for 2022: My Mattress

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We’ve been extolling cash in these pages since the start of this year. As the Federal Reserve prepared to pause its money printer, we contrarians booked profits and stacked dollar bills.

Long before the media began saying “bear market,” we recognized that a volatile 2022 was highly likely. We were ready for a decline.

As I write, our premium portfolios are all sitting on sizeable cash positions:

Yup. Plenty of capital ready to be deployed after the final “wash out” in the markets.

These comfortable cash seats have served us well. Bonds kicked off their worst start to a year since 1788 (per Nasdaq).… Read more

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We need to talk about a mistake almost every investor makes—and it’s a particularly easy trap to fall into today.

That would be letting the headlines push us to make investing decisions out of fear. Below, we’re going to dive into a scenario where doing so could have resulted in 30% in losses and missed profits in the last 12 months. And that’s before we even consider the dividends that would have been left on the table.

How Letting Inflation Fears Rattle You Could Cost You Big

Let’s consider today’s inflation scare, which feels new, but in fact was just starting to make the news a year ago.… Read more

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Are the best things in life actually free? It depends how we handle the hidden costs.

Free coffee is good. At home, I drink one mega-cup per day. At fixed income conferences, I typically scale that “complimentary” consumption up to double-digits per day. (Hey, they’re just hotel cups.)

Free breakfast is usually better than just free caffeine. And open bar, of course, reigns supreme for your income strategist.

No doubt these freebies are baked into ticket costs, but I will gladly accept the bacon and beer challenge to get my money’s worth.

When readers write in to ask my thoughts on “risk free” yields on certain bonds, it’s time for us to talk.… Read more

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