My Secret Fund-Picking Plan: 3 Steps for Quick 27% Profits (Part II)

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A couple weeks ago, we talked about the “index boomerang effect,” my favorite way to grab fast double-digit price gains in closed-end funds (CEFs).

It’s a simple one-click indicator that can hand you huge price gains on a CEF you pick up today. And those gains are in addition to the huge dividends these funds pay—the typical CEF yields a life-changing 7% today, and plenty pay out even more than that (often monthly, too!).

Here’s how my strategy works: all things being equal, CEFs focusing on a certain asset class (corporate bonds, say) will perform similarly, and will likely outperform their index.… Read more

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Today I’m going to give you everything you need to sail through the next crash, crush the S&P 500 by this time next year—and grab safe dividends up to 8.4%.

We’ll pull off this “dividend hat trick” through a set of “pullback-proof” investments with dividends up to 5 times bigger than what your typical S&P 500 stock pays.

In a moment, I’ll reveal three funds yielding up to 8.4% that are more than worthy of your attention now. They come from a corner of the market that will surprise you.

First, though, you might be wondering how I found these big, steady payouts.… Read more

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Inflation fever is back! And today I’m going to show you a “one-click” way to cash in with a quick gain and a 7.7% cash dividend too.

First, you may have been under the impression that inflation was off the list of worries for now, since February’s fretting over rising prices sent the market into full swan dive mode:

Inflation Terror Sideswipes Stocks

But March brought us a nice surprise: inflation is not as bad as previously thought. When it comes to one measure of inflation known as “personal consumption expenditure,” or PCE, we are still seeing price gains far below 2%:

Prices Rising, But Still Below Critical Level

But now the herd is an uproar again—and it has everything to do with the “inverted yield curve.”

The what?…
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