3 Snubbed Post-Selloff Buys for 7%+ Dividends and Double-Digit Upside

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Wondering if it’s too late to cash in on the late-2018 market mayhem?

If so, great news! There are still plenty of bargains to be had. And today I’m going to show you three great funds that are still cheap (though they won’t be for long).

The best part? Each throws off hefty dividends upwards of 7%!

Of course, when discounts like the ones on these three exist, you’re right to ask why. The answer is simple: because these three funds are closed-end funds (CEFs), they’re off most people’s radar. That means they’re slower to snap back from a market decline than, say, a fan favorite like Apple (AAPL).Read more

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Remember two months ago? The S&P 500 was hitting record highs daily—and stocks were looking at a hefty 9% gain on the year.

It feels like a dream! Because here’s where we are today:


Now we find ourselves down 10% from those highs and staring down the real possibility of a negative year for stocks.

We’ve Been Here Before

If this has left you feeling a little shaken, you’re far from alone.

My take? Tough as it is, resist the gut-driven urge to sell, because this is a buying opportunity. (I’ve got 2 dirt-cheap funds throwing off 7%+ dividends that are perfect buys for the coming rebound.… Read more

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It’s here again: another stock downturn.

But don’t worry, because today I’m going to show you a “1-click” way to profit from it (and collect a nice 6.8% dividend while you do).

The key? Dipping into an out-of-favor sector that outperforms when the market gets fearful. I’m talking about consumer staples, which is down a whopping 9.4% in 2018, far below every other sector in the S&P 500.

Consumer Staples Swoons

Usually, when volatility picks up, consumer staples outperform consumer-discretionary stocks. Yet that didn’t happen from February to April, when the market first began to tumble, and it isn’t happening now that the market is beginning to fall again.…
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