3 Easy Steps to Unlock Big 7.5% Dividends (Paid Monthly, to Boot)

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Last Monday, we talked about the two biggest mistakes many investors make when buying high-yielding closed-end funds (CEFs). Today we’re taking the opposite tack and delving into three things to look for to pick the very best of these 7.5%+ payers for your portfolio.

The upshot? If all three of these strengths are present, you likely have yourself a winner. But first things first—let’s talk a bit about what sets CEFs apart. These funds are different from ETFs and mutual funds in two key ways.

  1. CEFs have fixed share counts and generally can’t issue new shares to new investors (hence the “closed” in the name).

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There’s a “secret” floating around no economist or pundit wants to admit: all the usual measures of predicting the economy’s direction are broken.

That’s ushered in a shift from the old ways of forecasting (which were never that great, to be honest) to the new—and set up a “one-time-only” sale on the best 8%+ yielding closed-end funds (CEFs) out there.

Buying CEFs—which are renowned for their huge (and often monthly) dividend payouts during this “window” is smart for anyone looking to set themselves up for 8%+ payouts for decades to come. We’ll look at one specific fund yielding 8.2% and trading for a bargain 14% below its “true” value in a moment.… Read more

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We’ve got plenty of high-quality dividends on the table as we roll into 2023. Some of the best? Closed-end funds (CEFs) yielding north of 7.5%. Three specific names and tickers are coming up for you below.

I mention quality because if 2022 has showed us anything, it’s that quality matters: crypto and profitless tech got clobbered this year, and that was no one-off. With interest rates rising, these gambles—I say “gambles” because buying these was always more like a trip to the slot machines than investing—are likely down for the count.

You can see this in the performance of the NASDAQ 100, which is down some 28% year to date, as well-run, high-cash-flow companies like Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT) were dragged down by basket cases like Meta Platforms (META) and its money-bleeding investments in the metaverse.… Read more

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What if I told you I’d found a way for you to buy Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), Home Depot (HD), McDonald’s (MCD) and other big-name stocks for 14% off their current prices?

It would be like rewinding the clock on this rebound, wouldn’t it? With stocks now having mostly erased their year-to-date losses, buying at a 14% discount would, in essence, be like buying these very same stocks back in late April:

Your Stock-Market “Time Machine”

The way to do this is by purchasing a closed-end fund (CEF) that holds these stocks. Not only do CEFs regularly trade at big discounts to their “true” value, but they also pay dividends far higher than individual stocks do—I’m talking rich payouts of 7% and up.… Read more

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