3 Copper Plays for Wall Street’s Unsung Surging Metal

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Russia’s reckless (and, sadly, increasingly ruthless) invasion of Ukraine has put a spotlight squarely on the commodity markets. Many of them have already taken off to the moon. Crude oil, of course, was the first to hit orbit.

But there’s one hard asset that’s still flying under the radar—at least for now. And this commodity just so happens to be a source of aggressive dividend growth.

Oil, as mentioned, is most of the media’s attention. Not only has “black gold” set the investing world on fire, with the highest crude-oil prices seen in more than 13 years—but Americans are forced to watch that filter down into all-time-high gas prices.… Read more

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Money printing is back in a big way, and we’ve been on the beat all month long. Two weeks ago, your income writer mentioned the other “I” word, inflation, and watched our customer service email box fill up.

Readers, rightfully so, were concerned that Fed Chair Jay Powell has been not-so-subtly orchestrating the largest money creation effort of all time. JP created more than $2.5 trillion since March, and in doing so, made all previous quantitative easing (QE) efforts look like amateur hour:

“Now That’s How You QE!” – Chairman JP

Lat week, your dividend analyst further stirred the pot by mentioning the other “D” word, deflation.… Read more

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