1 Quick Trade to Beat Inflation, Grab Growing 4%+ Payouts

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Don’t let this inflation panic rattle you. This market is really just shifting gears, and we’re going to shift along with it, riding the waves to some big dividends that are about to switch into growth mode.

But timing is critical here, because we’re not going to be sitting on these dividends forever. Consider them a “swing trade” to bag big payouts now, plus some hefty dividend hikes. Then you’d take your returns on to the next bargain high yielder when the time is right.

More on this week’s hot-potato dividend plan in a sec. First, let’s delve into what this inflation-panicked market is up to, and how we contrarians can catch a tailwind.… Read more

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Are you looking for the 1 perfect buy for big upside and huge (I’m talking 9.5% here) dividends?

Near the end of this article, I’ll show you 1 fund that will let you nail down both. This opportunity comes from a shift in the market that’s been so quiet, almost no one has picked up on it—except for one group.

Enter the “Smart Money”

You’ve probably heard the phrase “smart money”.

It’s really just shorthand for active managers, like those at the big hedge funds, investment banks and other massive institutions, who make billion-dollar bets based on massive troves of information and experience.… Read more

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The US dollar has been heading skyward lately, and the market has been slow to catch on. That’s handing you a nice opportunity for gains if you buy the 3 funds I’ll show you today.

Before we get into these 3 stealth funds, though, let’s step back and look at what’s going on.

First, as I wrote in “A ‘Secret’ Way to Ride the Soaring Dollar to 7.6% Dividends (and Gains),”when President Trump was elected, he insisted on a “weak dollar” policy to boost US trade and exports. At the same time, the Federal Reserve was worried that the dollar’s strength would stoke inflation—which was already ticking upward—so it was eager to see the dollar fall, as well.…
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