My Favorite Bond Fund for 2024 Yields 7.4%

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This two-year interest rate trend is about to turn. When it flips, JPMorganChase CEO Jamie Dimon’s safe, somewhat-secret 7.4% dividend will directly benefit.

We’ll highlight the name and ticker of my favorite bond fund for 2024 in a moment. First, let’s discuss why we’re discussing it.

For two straight years, the US dollar has rallied relentlessly. Credit (or blame) the Federal Reserve. When the Fed hikes, the buck rallies.

But an inflection point is near. The Fed will pause in its interest-rate hikes soon. This means the greenback is near a top, give or take, because it moves along with its best friend, the Fed Funds Rate.… Read more

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AI is popular. Emerging market bonds, needless to say, are not.

Which is perfect for us responsible contrarians striving to retire on dividends. The more neglected an asset, the better.

But what’s the catalyst for these big yields? I’m talking dividends between 6.5% and 12.1%, by the way.

That’s easy. When the buck gets banged up, these funds soar. And that is exactly what is playing out today.

The US dollar has been en fuego for the past decade. I know, it’s hard to believe given noise from the “demise of the dollar” crowd. But these guys have lost a lot of money betting against the buck.… Read more

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