These 3 Dividends (up to 12.4%!) Are Traps Set to Spring

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Cash payouts of 8% and more (often paid monthly), plus price upside of 10%, 20%, sometimes even higher.

That’s what you get with closed-end funds—and you can often get it in just one buy!

But as terrific as these off-the-radar funds are, you still need to be careful: of the 500 or so CEFs available to us, only a handful are worth your attention. Others give you mediocre returns, at best. And some can drain away your cash fast!

And in a year that’s been challenging for just about all asset classes, the worst CEFs are showing their stripes, with the real laggards down double digits, and for good reason—their portfolios (as measured by net asset value, or NAV) can’t generate the performance they need to push their share prices higher.…
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Right now there are huge deals happening in a place far too few people care to look: municipal bonds.

Now before your eyes glaze over at the sight of the words “municipal bonds,” consider this: this unloved area of the market hands most Americans a shot at tax-free income. Plus, the 2 “muni” funds I’m going to show you below are set to hand us double-digit upside, too, thanks to a ridiculous bargain sale that’s way overdue for some quick “snap back” gains.

But first, let’s look at why now is the perfect time to jump into these unloved assets.…
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