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Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell is scared. First, it was UK pension funds. Now, the entire banking system has liquidity issues.

Fourteen years of quantitative easing is a tough habit to break! We are one year into the Fed’s attempt to tighten monetary conditions.

Should we buy bargains? Or sell now and go shopping later?

Fellow contrarians want to know! Our Contrarian Outlook customer service line has been hot. Today, we’ll put on our short-term thinking caps and discuss your dividend trading questions.

Q: Do you see any good buys among the regional banks where the “baby got thrown out with the SVB bathwater?”Read more

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These 5.7% and 8.9% dividend payers are ready to rally.

Whether they pop this year or next, we shall see. It’s a matter of when rather than if—which is what we gladly sign up for as income investors.

The broader stock market appears to be on a near-term sugar high. Crypto is going (a bit) crazy and meme stocks (of all things) are back. Count us careful contrarians cautious!

We instead turn our attention to natural gas—a market that has already corrected.

Remember when “natty” prices were supposed to go to the moon this winter? We feared that Europe, without Russian gas imports, would be in for a long cold season.… Read more

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Natural gas prices have been completely washed out—and that’s set up some sweet dividend opportunities for us contrarians to tap into.

(These opportunities aren’t just in gas, by the way: China’s reopening and the Biden administration’s need to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve—which it’s been using to keep a lid on oil prices—will also lift the goo. We discussed 3 stocks to play crude’s likely rebound on February 4.)

To get a sense of the opportunity setting up for us here, let’s look ahead to next winter, shall we? It’s tough to see how gas can stay low with a setup like this:

  • Russian gas will still be a no-go—leading to another dash to boost European supplies over the summer, especially with the current winter looking like it’ll end on a cold snap, draining off the surplus gas the continent is sitting on now.

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Just three weeks ago, we discussed the likelihood that the stock market was going to be a mess this year.

It’s already a train wreck.

You’re probably wondering whether you should buy more shares of your favorite dividend. Well, if you’re sick of wondering, use this simple yet effective “market timing” technique.

Dollar cost averaging (DCA) probably helped you build your impressive retirement portfolio. And DCA is more than just an initial fortune builder. It can also build wealth and income streams during train wreck markets like these.

It was the regular weekly, monthly and/or yearly purchases throughout your earning years that helped you buy more shares of stock low (and buy fewer shares higher).… Read more

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Nice to see our friends over at Barron’s finally catching up to us on the big dividends sitting right under our noses in oil and gas!

It’s almost like the magazine’s writers are sharing a subscription to our Contrarian Income Report service, because the six stocks they cited in an article they ran last week are almost all picks in our portfolio—specifically our “crash ‘n rally” energy bucket.

(It’s not the first time’s Barron’s has shadowed us. In April, they put out a strategy for retiring on dividends, a subject we literally wrote the book on two years ago.)… Read more

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Many people are desperate for any decent yield these days, which is making oil and gas funds (with payouts that can stretch into the double digits) look attractive.

But the trouble with buying these funds now is that you’re putting yourself at risk of price drops far bigger than any yield you might collect. That’s a worst-case scenario for anyone in retirement or hoping to clock out in the next few years.

Another thing to consider is that the argument for investing in energy funds is based on the recent improvement in oil prices, which appears to be accelerating.

Recent Oil-Price Moves Mislead …

I’ve seen a few pundits point to a “boom” in oil prices, selectively choosing time periods like the one above, to argue in favor of jumping into energy stocks and funds.… Read more

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No one likes digging through pages of regulatory filings, but they can often yield valuable information.

For example, institutional investors with at least $100 million of assets must file a 13F form with the Securities and Exchange Commission once a quarter. Think of this as a quarterly scorecard or a window into the holdings of some of the most successful and often secretive investors in the market.

Should you follow suit and piggy-back some of these trades? Well, it’s certainly cheaper than the $1 million minimum buy-in it often takes to invest with the most successful hedge funds, if you’re even invited.… Read more

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