Next Week in the Markets: S&P Retests Lows, The Fed’s in a Pickle, and More

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The markets presented quite the twist on Thursday, when the much anticipated relief rally got whacked in the face.  Despite the hysterics and fear, though, US stocks did not break through their previous near term lows.  If I were a betting/trading man (ha) – I may be tempted to take a short term flyer on […]

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But – Dr. Doom does not dismiss Prechter’s call altogether (Details on Prechter’s latest predictions here).  CNBC reports on Faber’s outlook in his August 2010 Doom, Boom, Gloom Report newsletter: Marc Faber says before dismissing Prechter as a lunatic you should look at his record. In 1978 when he predicted the Dow would reach 2,300 […]

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Marc Faber was Jim Puplava’s guest on the Financial Sense Newshour this weekend.  You can listen to Faber’s interview here. Some quick notes: Faber on Leverage He advises against the use of leverage for most investors, because a small move against you can wipe you out entirely While he believes the gold bull market probably […]

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