This “Dividend Unicorn” Has Sent Its Payout Soaring, Yields 7.4%

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What if I told you I’d uncovered a dividend “unicorn”: a stock with a 7.4% yield that’s hiked its payout by five digits in the last 14 years?

It’s the kind of thing that “breaks” common investing wisdom. Most folks, after all, think you can have a high yield or a fast-growing payout, but not both. Verizon (VZ) is the classic case, with its 6.9% current yield. Sure, the telco’s payout does grow, but only around a penny a year.

Verizon’s “Pay a Lot, Grow a Little” Dividend

On the other side of the scale is a company like Mastercard (MA), whose dividend has soared 500% in the last decade, from just $0.11 quarterly to today’s level of $0.66.… Read more

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Please keep this between you and me. I don’t want to have to explain this again to every vanilla income investor out there.

But it’s important. And timely, thanks to the current revival in volatility.

Dividend stocks, at times like these, can do more than simply dish out income. They can make us filthy rich, too.

Yeah, I know. The promise of price gains can be “over the top” here in Dividendland. Most of us are content to grind, grind, grind. Send us our payouts and keep our portfolios intact.

If you’re a current Contrarian Income Report subscriber, you are well versed in this approach—and better than most!… Read more

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We have plenty of cheap dividend stocks to buy today. But which ones are really bargains—and which are cheap for a reason?

The P/E ratio won’t tip us off. We’re heading into a recession. That “E” stands for earnings. Profits can disappear quickly if we’re not careful.

Let’s look past the vanilla headline metrics and instead search where almost no one else does. Let’s have what the corporate insiders are having.

This strategy can set us up for 275% gains or more. We’ll discuss why in a moment, featuring a trio of bullish factors that are lining up for a select group of stocks.… Read more

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Goldman Sachs says the Fed will start cutting its bond purchases next month—and that sets up some of our favorite dividend-payers for a quick 61% profit surge. (I’ll reveal the tickers we need to reap this “taper bonanza” in a moment.)

Wait. Why are we taking Goldman’s word here?

Because “Government Sachs” has the deepest DC connections of any bank: former Treasury Secretaries Henry Paulson and Steven Mnuchin are Goldman grads, among many other government bigwigs. When it comes to what’s happening at the Fed, I’d take Goldman’s opinion over that of Jay Powell himself!

A Boon for Dividend Investors

To get at how we’ll flip the taper into big dividends, let’s connect it to a figure we all watch closely: the yield on the 10-year Treasury note.… Read more

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Today we’re going to bulk up our dividends—and position ourselves for some nice gains—with a group of stocks that pay us four ways as interest rates head skyward:

  1. By paying a dividend;
  2. By growing their dividend;
  3. By repurchasing shares, and;
  4. Through the pure profits they “bank” (hint!) as rates rise.

Let’s take that fourth point first, because as you likely know, the 10-year Treasury rate—which drives rates on everything from mortgages to car loans—is en fuego, having surged from 0.9% to more than 1.5% in less than two months.

Granted, a 1.5% Treasury rate would be considered low pre-pandemic. But now it has us choking on our morning coffee!… Read more

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Long-term interest rates have awoken. The trend toward higher Treasury yields is likely just getting started, which makes 2021 an “inflection year” for us income investors.

And what better way to celebrate the paradigm shift than to buy dividend payers that are likely to double (or better!) in the months and years ahead?

Sure, some fixed-income plays are going to be punished. That’s a topic for another time. Today, we should focus on shareholder-yield darlings that see their profits increase in an outsized manner when interest rates climb.

I’m talking about stocks that will shower us with:

  • Current yields today,
  • Dividend raises tomorrow,
  • Generous stock buybacks, and (most importantly)
  • Share prices that will climb dramatically.

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If you’re like me, few things get your blood pumping faster than when one of your stocks gets bought out—sending its price skyrocketing.

I’m writing you about this now because it’s fresh in my mind: subscribers to my Hidden Yields service recently bagged a 58% total return in less than two years on reinsurer Validus (VR) after it was snapped up by insurance giant American International Group (AIG) in a deal announced in January.

A big part of that gain came literally overnight—the stock popped 45% from its previous closing price when news of the deal broke.

I’ll share the name of an insurer that’s set to be the next Validus in a second.…
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