Exploring Socionomics and Social Mood Trends with Michael Flagg of FutureJacked

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Famed market forecaster Robert Prechter has been, over the last 15 years, pioneering  research in a new field called Socionomics – a blending of “social mood” measurements, and economics.  Prechter’s thesis is that the social mood of society rises and falls intrinsically, in wave-like patterns. During waves up, people feel good about life, and they bid up […]

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But – Dr. Doom does not dismiss Prechter’s call altogether (Details on Prechter’s latest predictions here).  CNBC reports on Faber’s outlook in his August 2010 Doom, Boom, Gloom Report newsletter: Marc Faber says before dismissing Prechter as a lunatic you should look at his record. In 1978 when he predicted the Dow would reach 2,300 […]

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