3 “Essential” Stocks With Dividends Growing Up to 400%

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Food stocks have been hit hard this year—and we contrarian dividend shoppers can no longer ignore the bargains on offer!

Investors’ overly negative take on these “essential” dividend plays makes zero sense because:

  1. They’re partly the result of low fertilizer prices, which can’t last because …
  2. The world needs more food: according to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, global food demand will soar 70% by 2050, and …
  3. Food supply is tight, no thanks to droughts and Putin’s disastrous war (Russia and Ukraine are the world’s No. 3 and No. 10 wheat producers).

The result? Grocery bills that drain our wallets faster than we can fill our carts!… Read more

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One thing we always demand in a stock is a megatrend-powered dividend that grows. And there aren’t many megatrends bigger than the soaring need for (and tight supply of) food.

I’ll share three tickers from three different parts of the food business—a fertilizer maker, a crop trader and a seller of packaged foods here in the US—in a second.

These “megatrend” plays have grown their payouts fast, driving quick pops in their share prices. (Pick No. 3 could easily 3X its payout tomorrow without breaking a sweat!) The best part is that these payouts have staying power through inflation, recession, geopolitical mayhem, you name it.… Read more

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The world needs to produce more food to feed everyone in the years ahead. Period.

Food shortages are likely to be an unfortunate megatrend of the 2020s. Rising  food demand is intersecting with another megatrend: shaky global supply chains.

Consider this bleak outlook from the U.N. World Food Programme’s 2022 outlook (emphasis mine):

“Globally, levels of hunger remain alarmingly high. In 2021, they surpassed all previous records as reported by the Global Report on Food Crises (GRFC), with close to 193 million people acutely food insecure and in need of urgent assistance across 53 countries/territories, according to the findings of the GRFC 2022.

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Fed Chair Jay Powell is probably going to hike us straight into a recession—and even then, Jay still may not get the 2% inflation he’s hunting for.

Why? Because the supply-chain chaos we’re dealing with now is not going away. It’s part of a megatrend I expect to last the rest of this decade, and well beyond.

I’ll name two stocks we can tap to reap strong gains and fast-growing dividends from what many are calling the “end of globalization” in a moment. First, let’s dive into this critical shift, because it will drive, well, pretty well everything in our lives for years to come.… Read more

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Stocks are up—and so are coronavirus cases. And right on cue, I’m hearing from plenty of investors asking if now is the time to sell and lock in their gains.

No way. It’s actually a good time for us contrarians to buy. Here are five reasons why I see stocks rallying into the end of the year—and rolling higher still as we move into 2021.

Market Driver No. 1: Rising House Prices 

When house prices rise, homeowners feel wealthier. And when people feel wealthier, they tend to buy stocks.

It’s true that big-city properties are struggling to hold their own, but homes in the suburbs and rural areas are appreciating at a rate we haven’t seen in years.… Read more

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The Dividend Aristocrats, as you may well know, are companies that have increased their annual dividends without interruption for at least 25 years. That speaks to a high level of dependability and stability that even many other blue chips can’t claim.

But boy, can they be stingy.

Aristocrats, Or American Debt? It’s Not Even Close

The ProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats ETF (NOBL), which faithfully tracks those payout champions that call the S&P 500 index home, collectively yields 1.7% at the moment, which is an almost laughable amount of current yield. The 10-year Treasury isn’t just beating that – at a roughly 2.9% yield, it’s simply clobbering it.…
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