Niall Ferguson: 6 Big Questions for the Post-Western World

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The West and the Rest: Our Slight Depression in Historical Perspective Niall Ferguson, 2012 Agora Financial Investment Symposium Niall Ferguson led off the symposium began by lamenting that just 23 years ago, it all seemed so simple. It was the summer of 1989, he reminded us, when Francis Fukuyama famously proclaimed “The End of History,” […]

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David Rosenberg wrote today in his daily commentary that earnings expectations peaked with the stock market back in April.  He observes that this is a common phenomenon – where stock prices do not follow earnings, but rather they more closely track earnings expectations. When expected earnings are revised up by analysts, stocks rally – and […]

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Jim Puplava’s devoted a special show to financial conspiracy theories on this week’s Financial Sense Newshour.  Each year, Jim and John take two weeks off in August – so they usually prerecord a couple of shows packed with interviews to give us “FS Junkies” our fix! It’s a little bit of a bizarre show – […]

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