A Downturn in 2023? Maybe Not for These Low-Vol Plays

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We are heading into the most telegraphed recession in American history. Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell said it himself last month:

“As rates go higher, it’s hard to see a soft landing.”

Gee Jay, no kidding. Your Fed is squeezing us directly into a slowdown with these short-term rate hikes and balance sheet drawdowns.

Now I’m not saying it’s the wrong move, Jay. You printed a lot of money in 2020—so much that we fell way behind the inflation curve in 2021. Economic indicators and price numbers are still running hot.

So I’m not surprised to see your feet on the breaks for most of the year.… Read more

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“Why are they interviewing this guy? He doesn’t know… anything.”

I paused the Netflix pseudo-documentary and searched for a quick, thoughtful response to my wife. As the resident investment strategist of the house, my reputation was on the line.

“The dude made a lot of money on GameStop (GME). I think. Or he lost a lot. They’ll tell us at the end.”

Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga is a fast, fun watch. You will remember the story:

  • Hedge funds were massively short GME (more than 100% of its shares were sold short).
  • Internet bros and gals learned this and started buying.

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