How This Simple “Dividend Magnet” Strategy Reveals 500%+ Dividend Growers

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If I can give you just one piece of advice as we pass the midpoint of 2023, it’s this: do not trust your dividend income to ETFs!

Instead, look to the simple “payout-powered” strategy we’ll talk about in a second. As we’ll see, it generated a tidy 83% gain for readers of my Hidden Yields service in just over two years.

Now is the perfect time to put it to work again, with corporate earnings—and dividends—likely to rise next year after slumping a forecast 16% in 2023, according to a recent report from Morgan Stanley (MS). For 2024, the bank is calling for S&P profits to soar 23%, then tack on another 10% gain in 2025.… Read more

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The Wall Street Journal Reports:

Retirees Turn to Dividend ETFs for Income
Financial advisers say investors shouldn’t just go for the fund with the highest dividend yield 

Gee, thanks. I have something to add, WSJ friends.


In a rising market, fine. I can hold my nose. Though, you know, even a popular ticker like Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF (SCHD) is a lazy option that’ll cost you.

SCHD owns 104 dividend stocks and PepsiCo (PEP) is its top holding. PEP pays a piddly 2.6% but its yearly dividend growth is decent—not great but not AT&T (T) awful, either.… Read more

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If I can give you just one piece of advice to start 2023, it’s this: do not trust your dividend income to ETFs!

It’s one of the biggest mistakes I see people make—especially with the market’s gains this year. These first-level players (wrongly!) think that in a rising market, they can buy pretty well anything and be A-OK.

Not so.

In fact, a rising market when you’re most likely to buy low-quality investments, puts your portfolio in danger in the next downturn. Just ask anyone who bought crypto or profitless tech in 2021!

And dividend ETFs are at the very top of our list of assets to avoid, not only now but always.… Read more

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Peter is an investing legend. Dude collects $400,000 per year in dividend income.

He retired at age 53, by the way. From the finance industry, naturally. Peter wrote a book and cruised around as a public speaker.

The speaking fees and book royalties were gravy, no doubt. With $33,000 in dividend income coming in each month, I’m sure Peter does not sweat his bills.

Now what can we contrarian income investors learn from master dividend investor “Payout” Peter Thornhill?

Not much.

The guy has an $11 million portfolio. Of course his dividend cash flow is going to rock. It may only be 4%, but that’s more than enough when this is the pile he’s deploying:

A simpler investor can do just as well with a similar war chest.… Read more

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“Brett, what do you think of SCHD?”

As soon as I heard the “C” I figured we were talking Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF (SCHD). (Your income strategist can typically “name that dividend ticker” in two beats!)

“Eh,” I replied, visibly struggling to string together a positive response to my AAII presentation attendee.

“SCHD owns some good names. A few,” I shrugged.

“It will generally keep you out of trouble.”

Safety is all the rage in 2022. Pain has been felt on both ends of the stock-and-bond spectrum.

Stocks are down because the Federal Reserve is tightening. Bonds, meanwhile, are supposed to balance the ship when stocks sink.… Read more

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