Marc Faber at Agora: Bullish on US Real Estate, PIIGS Equities

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Deflationary Bust or Government Profligacy and Money Printing Marc Faber, 2012 Agora Financial Investment Symposium “I am very grateful to be here in Canada.  Every time I travel from the US to Canada, it feels like I am traveling from Hell to Heaven.” With this opening grapeshot, Marc Faber was off and running. He thanked […]

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Marc Faber talked to the BBC a few weeks back, sharing his thoughts about what would trigger QE3, why he is still advising people to accumulate gold, and the bubble in China. Here’s the interview (audio only): Instead of investing directly in China, Faber recommends investing in things that China needs – such as industrial […]

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Because Mr. Bernanke and Mr. Obama are money printers! Faber also likes Asia in the medium to long term for his stock holdings.  And he hates cash.  He believes longer term, Americans should have at least 50% of their cash in emerging economies, because their higher growth rates offer greater opportunities for returns. I like […]

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