Conspiracy Theory Alert: Is QE3 Already Underway?

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One of my favorite “conspiracy theories” of late is one that the Fed has already quietly started QE3, and just hasn’t told anyone publicly.  One school of thought is that this is why gold is going ballistic right now – you can fool the public, but you can’t fool the markets! Bud Conrad, Casey Research’s […]

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Dallas Fed CEO Richard W. Fisher had some strong words against further monetary easing as a means of putting people back to work: But it is worrisomely clear that the task of putting millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans back to work will take an anguishing amount of time. I do not, however, feel that […]

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Because Mr. Bernanke and Mr. Obama are money printers! Faber also likes Asia in the medium to long term for his stock holdings.  And he hates cash.  He believes longer term, Americans should have at least 50% of their cash in emerging economies, because their higher growth rates offer greater opportunities for returns. I like […]

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