Marc Faber at Agora: Bullish on US Real Estate, PIIGS Equities

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Deflationary Bust or Government Profligacy and Money Printing Marc Faber, 2012 Agora Financial Investment Symposium “I am very grateful to be here in Canada.  Every time I travel from the US to Canada, it feels like I am traveling from Hell to Heaven.” With this opening grapeshot, Marc Faber was off and running. He thanked […]

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The Fed recently announced that it would keep interest rates low through 2014 – which in Fed-speak basically amounts to “forever.” And how do they intend to keep rates low? Well there’s only one way to do it, and that’s by purchasing the long-end of the yield curve with digitally created Federal Reserve notes. Our […]

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As you know, there is A LOT of optimism priced into the stock market right now.  But with this “economic recovery” starting to sputter, and companies racing to adjust their earnings expectations DOWN, what will happen if a string of earnings disappointments comes in? —- Being Street Smart Sy Harding Will the Fed Push Its […]

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