John Hussman: Risk/Reward Profile in Stocks Could Hardly Be More Negative

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John Hussman expresses deep concern about stocks at current valuation levels in his latest (excellent) piece.  Contrary to what’s reported in mainstream financial media, stocks are actually quite expensive by all historical standards he says. Present market risks involve a confluence of factors. First, valuations remain unusually rich. Though prospective returns are better than at […]

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First, we turn to Peter Schiff, who tells Yahoo Tech Ticker that he expects China will need to unpeg its currency in order to fight inflation.  Raising rates alone won’t do it, he says, because they’ll still be importing too many of our quantitatively eased dollars. Source: Yahoo Finance – Tech Ticker, January 24, 2011. […]

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Last week we reported that acclaimed fund manager John Hussman wrote that he believed the S&P overvalued by 40%. In his latest newsletter, Hussman revisits the fundamental valuation of US equities – with a couple of interesting ratios and charts as well.  Hussman writes: I can’t emphasize enough that when you hear an analyst say […]

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