Credit Default Swap Spreads for US States: Bad, but Manageable (In Theory)

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I’ve been searching around for some charts of credit default swap spreads for US state governments (if anyone has a favorite source, please let me know).  In the process, I came across this Economist piece, which profiled the finances of the American “problem states.” The case is made that the credit default swap spreads of […]

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It’s likely that few people living today can recall a more treacherous near term economic and investing environment than the one that staring us down right now.  So how should you invest? Guest author David Galland takes a look at the intricately entwined global economic mess – and shares some insights about how you should gear your portfolio. — […]

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How scary are the sovereign debt levels of the United States, Japan, and European nations?  David Galland explores in this guest piece.  If you’re not completely frightened by the levels of government debt, and the fact that Greece is nothing extraordinary…you should be scared out of your mind by the end of David’s piece! An […]

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