Trading Facebook’s Trading Range for Steady Income

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Facebook has quietly carved out – and bounced up from – solid support in the high teens.  Signs that monetizing mobile may not be as hopeless as previously thought have helped buoy a FB rally of 50% since September. So should we buy or sell FB here? The correct answer may be both – as […]

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Those GWRE calls gave us more than a bit of a scare in terms of getting our shares called away, as Guidewire reported blockbuster earnings and the stock spiked last month.  Since then, shares have eased back below the 30 mark, giving us a textbook example of why selling covered calls against shares you want […]

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Yesterday I tried something new – selling covered calls in my IRA account.  It’s a strategy I’ve been reading about, and pondering, for years.  And what better experimental ground than my IRA and this blog! Ideally this strategy should be employed on safe, dividend paying blue chip stocks.  So we’re naturally going off-script in our […]

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