About That Dollar Bottom – Are We There Yet?

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Many of us here have been anticipating a dollar rally that would kick off an explosive move to the upside for the buck.  Perhaps a short term move, perhaps a more significant event that could bring another wave of deflation to the asset markets (hey, remember deflation?) I was reading Bob Prechter’s latest newsletter yesterday […]

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Everyone hates the US Dollar – again. The Fed is openly signaling to the markets that it is not going to stand by the buck.  The current headline article at Bloomberg.com pertains to New York Fed president William Dudley’s statements that inflation is too low, and unemployment is too high, for the Fed to stand […]

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Today, US stocks were not successful in issuing a counterpunch to yesterday’s bloodbath, when there were 11 stocks down for every 1 up.  Stocks staged a meager rally after opening – only to swoon late and close at new lows for 2010. As you can see from the chart below, the S&P 500 peaked in […]

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