Ditch the Goofy Spreadsheet for This “Must Have” Dividend Tool

Ditch the Goofy Spreadsheet for This “Must Have” Dividend Tool

“If you own dividend-paying stocks, you’d be a fool to not be using Income Calendar,” my man Mark P. from California writes.

Tell ‘em, Mark!

We are devoted to retiring on dividends here at Contrarian Outlook. But a little bit of work in retirement is OK. As income investors, we should be able to, well, project our income.

Note that I said a little bit of work. Not a lot! I am not interested in fiddling with spreadsheets until the end of time, and neither is my man Mark.

That said, I’m springing a pop payout quiz on you. Today is the first day of May. May Day! Can you tell me, my contrarian friend, how much dividend income you have due to you this month?

If you can’t produce this number, well, you’d better hop onboard the Income Calendar train with Mark and me! I have no doubt that Mark knows his May haul. If not off the top of the head, it’s one click away.

I have my Contrarian Income Report portfolio set up in Income Calendar. The CIR equal-weight portfolio, based on an even million-dollar nest egg, is set to deliver $6,954.86 in dividends this month. Dividends down to the penny:

CIR Dividends for May: $6,954.86

My Income Calendar also has projections for June, July, August and September. Heck, here are the full 12 months—which include our April haul that wrapped up yesterday. These are serious yields we are collecting—we give them their proper respect with serious projections:

Projected 12-Month Income: $78,890.58

Yes, that is $78,890.58 in 12-month projected dividend income. How do we obtain such precise projections? By fiddling with a spreadsheet for hours on end?

Much to the relief of subscriber Peter B. from New Hampshire, nope.

“I don’t have to make and update my goofy spreadsheets anymore!” writes Peter B.

No sir, our developers have you covered, Peter! Income Calendar is like ChatGPT for dividend investors—but better. It is a one-stop shop for dividend tracking and income projections.

And best of all, it’s automated. Which means we can literally set it and forget it. Which means no more goofy spreadsheets—for Peter or any of us!

And check this out. Each time we collect a dividend, IC can send us an email heads-up. For example, Kinder Morgan (KMI) recently declared its quarterly dividend on April 17. So I received this timely and welcome email from IC:

Dividend “Heads Up” Email via IC

If we’re not messing around in Microsoft Excel, then how do we arrange all of this projection magic? Here’s the thing—the setup part is actually easy. Let me walk you through it.

Income Calendar isn’t just for CIR. Our cool tool syncs with all four Contrarian Outlook publications:

  • CEF Insider
  • Contrarian Income Report
  • Dividend Swing Trader
  • Hidden Yields

The “ticker sync” happens with a single click:

Then we input our share count, and we’ve got our dividends being tracked. IC is even smart enough to “DRIP” a dividend for more shares, if needed.

Own another dividend stock? An old flame like Exxon Mobil (XOM)? Or a stack of Altria Group (MO) you’ve had on hand since the 1970s? We don’t judge at IC. We simply add the tickers and share counts for your tracking purposes:

Really, that’s the setup. It will take you five or ten minutes just once and you’re good to go. Then, barely a minute or so when you buy or sell something. (If you buy or sell—again, we’re not judging, we’re just tracking and projecting income here.)

And here’s a setup that is even easier thanks to a recent major upgrade we made to IC. We’ve integrated it with Plaid, a service that safely and securely links up to your brokerage account and imports all your tickers and share counts—so you don’t have to do any inputting at all.

When our lead developer asked me to test out the new integration, I was blown away with how easy it was. I had my Charles Schwab account connected to Income Calendar with just a few clicks. It was really easy to import the tickers and share counts of my current holdings into IC.

I could go on and on but honestly this tool is really easy to use. I set up the CIR Portfolio in a few minutes and my Schwab holdings in a few minutes more. You’ll have this tool setup in no time, too.

I’m so excited for you to try it that I pleaded with my publisher to let you try Income Calendar on a free trial basis.

Not a risk-free guarantee.

Nor a moneyback pledge.

A genuine free trial of the tool in which you can use it for free and keep your cash in your pocket.

And not just a standard 30-day free trial!

Act today and we’ll hook you up with a generous 60-day test drive of Income Calendar.

IC is the most accurate tool for tracking and projecting your dividend income. There is nothing like it on the market. In fact, I’ll share some amazing user feedback with you in a moment.

But, before we get sidetracked, please click the link below to claim your 60-day free trial.

I don’t know how long this offer will be live for, so let’s not take any chances! Please click here to try it free for 60 days.