Are You Dedicated to Dividends? If So, You’ll Know This Answer.

Are You Dedicated to Dividends? If So, You’ll Know This Answer.

If you are a serious dividend investor, then you know the answer to this question:

How much dividend income are you going to make in 2024?

In other words, what are your projected dividends next year?

If you don’t know, then you’re not as dedicated to dividends as you thought. Disappointing, but fixable with Income Calendar.

And please, don’t tell me I’m being hard on you. If that’s the way you feel, then this is the tough love that you need. Your wakeup call for 2024.

It’s time to treat your dividend investing like a business. Because it is.

And hey, I get it. We’re rolling into 2024. Nobody wants to mess with tedious spreadsheets like these anymore:

C’mon man. We have enough going on. Life is too short to spend it updating spreadsheets!

Unfortunately, AI, despite all the hype, ain’t there yet. Last week I introduced you to my new friend Pi—a tool in the spirit of ChatGPT, but one with current information.

(ChatGPT can’t even tell us what the bond market returned this year. That’s a serious limitation.)

I let Pi ride shotgun for the writing of last week’s column. But sadly, Pi stumbled when I asked a basic question about Arbor Realty Trust’s (ABR) 2024 dividend:


C’mon, Pi. If I wanted lawyer speak, I’d call my own counsel! Plus, I need to teach you about Arbor’s dividend—that $0.43 is paid quarterly, not yearly.

The serious solution is Income Calendar, a tool we developed in-house to track dividends and project future payments. IC is like having a personal assistant, but better and more reliable. And much cheaper.

IC knows what Arbor actually paid in 2023. In fact, the tool sends me an email alert every time Arbor declares a dividend:

I can also see Arbor’s dividend history for the last year, five years or ten years:

And—here’s the cool part—see how Arbor’s dividend fits within the context of my overall income for 2024:

12 Months of Projected Dividends via Income Calendar

How are we looking for January? We have $2,739.28 in dividends likely to drop into our brokerage account. This is the type of revenue projection that a savvy business owner knows.

January 2024 Dividend Projection: $2,739.28

Arbor won’t be paying us until February. But we have plenty of potential payouts heading our way in this dividend portfolio:

January 2024 Income Projection Summary

IC even supports custom income events, such as social security checks or paychecks from actual labor. We can add our active wages with our passive dividends in one single tool.

And thanks to a new integration, it’s never been easier to update our dividend tickers in Income Calendar. The tool can import stocks and funds from any premium Contrarian Outlook service. It can even sync up with your brokerage account to import stocks, funds and share counts!

Dividend projections require a combination of technology and craftmanship. We know what these stocks have paid. We are estimating our future payments down to the penny.

So, move over Pi and ChatGPT. And so long spreadsheets! We’re doing the heavy dividend lifting with Income Calendar.

For the rest of the week, we are offering risk-free subscriptions to Income Calendar. Please take advantage of this offer before it’s gone. Get started with Income Calendar here.