Daily Wealth: The Bull Market That’s Killing Domino’s Pizza

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Article in today’s Daily Wealth about how the bull market in commodities is hurting the fortunes of food companies. Summary: Gov’t mandates for corn-based ethanol have driven up all grain prices For the forseeable future, consumers will pay more for food The stock prices of food producers have been hammered, as they struggle to deal […]

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Full article Summary: The current commodity cycle is unique because energy and food have “converged” in price – they are now interchangeable due to biofuels Without government subsidies, sugar cane would be the only economically viable biofuel (@ $35/barrel equivalent) Land devoted to biofuels projected to continue its climb

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By JULIE JARGON February 15, 2008; Page A1 ALBION, Neb. — The U.S. economy may be teetering on the brink of recession. But there’s a bountiful harvest down on the farm. Grain prices are surging to historic levels. Spring wheat, a variety often used in bread, hit a record $18.53 per bushel yesterday. Corn is […]

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