How To Profit From Rising Volatility

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Now that gold is rangebound, how do you make money trading it? That’s easy – treat it like a wooden pony and straddle that thing. For the details on this trade, in more professional terms as well, check out Brad Zigler’s article for Hard Assets Investor: So what’s an investor to do? Well, you can […]

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Happy New Year…and New Decade! Let’s dive into some of the top investment themes to keep an eye on in 2010…but first, a haiku: 09 Reflation Can it continue for long? Dollar may foil! 1. The US Dollar: The Linchpin The dollar, which topped out in early March roughly around the time the stock market […]

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Buy and hold. Stocks for the long run. Diversify. These investment mantras were gospel during the great bull market of the 80s and 90s. Drinking this Kool-Aid will get you slaughtered today. There is no freaking way I would “buy and hold” anything right now. Too dangerous. Buy and hold hasn’t worked over the past […]

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