How to Determine a Market’s Trend

How to Determine a Market’s Trend

A guest article and video by Adam Hewison, President,

One of the easiest ways to determine the trend in any market is simply to connect the dot’s. In this five minute video, I explain how you can connect the dots in any market to determine its trend. I will show you three examples of connecting the dots…

1. How to determine a downtrend.
2. How to determine an uptrend.
3. How to determine when a market is making a change of direction.

One of the key components I look for is how a market closes on a Friday or the last trading day of the week. This is when traders have to decide what they want to do with their positions. It also tells you with a high degree of probability which way the market is headed for the upcoming week. I learned this trading secret on the floor of the exchange in Chicago and it is one I would like to share with you today. I feel that this technique has a lot of validity, particularly in light of today’s volatile markets.

Enjoy the Video

Editor’s Note: A simple yet enlightening video, and I wish I would have connected the dots on Cotton before jumping into this trade too early. I am going to try to start incorporating this technique into my entry criteria for a new trade. This would have saved me at least some of the losses I encountered this summer, by trying to go long markets that were setting lower highs and lower lows.