Jim Rogers Waiting to Short Treasuries…Again

Jim Rogers Waiting to Short Treasuries…Again

It looks like Jim Rogers, like us, is still waiting for another appropriate opportunity to short US Treasury bonds.  From Bloomberg:
Investor Jim Rogers said the Federal Reserve will probably start buying Treasuries to keep borrowing costs down, postponing a rout in U.S. government debt.

“He’s setting things up for a gigantic fall down the line, but that does not mean he can’t drive long-term interest rates to zero,” Rogers said. “Governments are printing money everywhere, borrowing stupendous amounts. Throughout history that has led to problems in the bond markets, and it will this time too.”

Rogers said he unwound in the fourth quarter so-called short positions that would benefit from declines in Treasuries. He “made a loss” betting notes would decline, he said.

“I am waiting to short them again,” Rogers said. “I have no idea when. U.S. government bonds are going to be one of the great shorts of our time somewhere down the road.”