Chinese Students Laugh Geithner Out of Town

Chinese Students Laugh Geithner Out of Town

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner visited Beijing on Monday…with a straight face, he reassured the Chinese government that its large holding of dollar assets are safe.

Then, still deadpanning, Geithner reaffirmed his faith in a strong US currency.

That broke the ice, as his student audience burst our into large laughter.

See if you can read Tim’s schtick with a straight face:

“We have the deepest and most liquid markets for risk-free assets in the world. We’re committed to bring our fiscal deficits down over time to a sustainable level.

“We believe in a strong dollar … and we’re going to make sure that we repair and reform the financial system so that we sustain confidence,” he said.

Here’s another great Geithner gem – a good old fashioned Saturday Night Live spoof: