Marc Faber: Technical Outlook is Horrible

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One added treat of this stock market collapse? More Faber! Bloomberg got him on the horn once again at the end of last week – he chidingly applauded the Fed for not yet announcing QE3.  Faber also believes Treasuries are a huge bubble, that “every responsible adult should own gold”, and that the technical setup […]

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The McAlvany Weekly Commentary is quickly becoming my other favorite financial podcast/show (alongside Jim Puplava’s Financial Sense Newshour, of course).  Most shows feature an in-depth interview with a money manager and/or financial expert – and most of these guests are excellent. Bert Dohmen, author of The Wellington Letter, was absolutely outstanding a couple of weeks […]

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The reported end, or at least pause, of QE, is exactly what the deflation camp has been waiting for.  (Well…sort of.  Since some liquidity is going to be hanging around in the form of “QE2.5”.  Remember when Bernanke claimed that after QE1, the Fed would remove the excess liquidity from the system?)Regardless, after June, the […]

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