The Gold Picture in Three Time Frames

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By Carl Swenlin Whenever possible it is best to look at a price index in the long-, medium-, and short-term time frames. For me that means analyzing monthly, weekly, and daily bar charts. ————————– (This is an excerpt from the October 21, 2011 blog for Decision Point subscribers.) Click here for FREE TRIAL! ————————— First, […]

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One added treat of this stock market collapse? More Faber! Bloomberg got him on the horn once again at the end of last week – he chidingly applauded the Fed for not yet announcing QE3.  Faber also believes Treasuries are a huge bubble, that “every responsible adult should own gold”, and that the technical setup […]

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I admit it, I’ve been wrong about gold.  I thought it was topping past $1,000 – then at $1,100 – and so on.  Now that gold has cleared the $1,400 mark, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that gold is probably heading quite a bit higher before the gold bull market ends. (I know, I […]

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