Impact of the U.S. Sovereign Debt Downgrade by S&P

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My good friend and favorite Jonathan Lederer published his analysis of the US debt downgrade fiasco for his clients, and was kind enough to let me republish for you here.  I agree his points, especially #’s 1 and 5…the chart of Japanese rates continuing to pancake after their downgrade is quite an ode to […]

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On Thursday night (here in the US), while Asia was melting down once again, Bloomberg Asia got Marc Faber on the horn – at God knows what time for him in Zurich – to give his take on the current market meltdown. Faber thought the markets were “extremely oversold”, expecting a potential snapback rally that […]

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The reported end, or at least pause, of QE, is exactly what the deflation camp has been waiting for.  (Well…sort of.  Since some liquidity is going to be hanging around in the form of “QE2.5”.  Remember when Bernanke claimed that after QE1, the Fed would remove the excess liquidity from the system?)Regardless, after June, the […]

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